Chilean National Office for Emergency*

Onemi Radio

Onemi wanted to communicate people how to behave during earthquakes, our goal was to come up with something useful for people during and after a catastrophe.

Since these movements cause technology, warning systems and communications to collapse we created  Onemi Radio, an emergency radio with photovoltaic cells that functions without conventional electricity or batteries, facilitating people acces to information immediately after a catastrophe.

Agency: Shackleton Chile
Year: 2016
Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design

Made with: Gustavo Marioni, Erwin Vergara, Juan Dupouy, Juan Gama

“In ONEMI we have carried out studies about how to warn the population and we have
established that the most secured medium is the radio.”

“Today's Technology is finished, when the internet is over, or communications are cut.
But this not, this is in the air.”