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Ride against pollution

The growth of air pollution in Chile stems from both increased industrialization and environmental factors that continue to affect the region’s climate and are critical to the country’s health.

Bans have been placed on wood-burning heaters, in santiago transportation has been reduced by 40 percent in order to slash toxic emissions, along with restrictions on industrial emissions and a new focus on enhancing the city’s public transportation system.

Despite this efforts, Chile still needs a more definitive plan to combat air pollution for this reason we created Filt-Air, the first exhaust pipe for bycicles, that cleans the air instead of polluting it.

Agency: Freelance
Year: 2018
Role: Concept, Art Direction, Design

Made with my brother from another mother: Tomás Cardenas

Logo and prototype design.

The first exaust pipe that cleans the air instead of pulluting it.