Chilean National Office of Emergency*

Calm, Think, Act

According to the authorithies and specialists, Chile was prone to suffer an earthquake in the northern region, for this reason Onemi wanted to come up with something, our goal was to create the regional PSA campaign for 2014/15.

Aiming to raise awareness about security among the people, we created a campaign with 3 simple steps (Calm, Think & Act) you had to remember in case of a catastrophe.

Agency: Shackleton Chile
Year: 2014
Role: Concept, Art Direction

Made with: Erwin Vergara, Gustavo Marioni
Production: Cinemágica

Documentary Interviews
As part of the social media strategy we released local interviews made to real people telling
us how they developed their emergency plans.

As part of the ooh and print campaign we developed some posters with quotes from real people
telling us which were their emergency plans in case of a catastrophe.